Example Start-up Procedures Guide / Operating Handbook free to copy

My former start-up, TerrAvion, integrated many disciplines, not just of engineering, but of business and operations as well. We ran into a bunch of problems where software engineers, marketers, operators, technicians, pilots, salespeople, and finance professionals just didn’t have a shared set of expectations about vocabulary, reasonable processes, or what the other groups would do.

To overcome this friction, we wrote an operating handbook that I think is useful in two ways. Most obviously, employees can look and see how things are supposed to work; less obviously, the exercise of putting this together forces management to be on the same page have standardized vocabulary and goals.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone using TerrAvion’s handbook without thinking about whether decisions TerrAvion made are right for your start-up, but if you need an example inspiration, a thing to start from, or just something to copy to get going, enjoy!