Robotics Implementation Manifesto

My prior article in Unmanned Systems, kindly hosted by Deloitte, lays out some of my formative experiences with robotics that give rise to my thoughts about implementation of robotic systems.  I am firmly convinced that we as a robotics community are perpetually tempted to make the same mistakes.  I’d like to propose a draft of an Agile Manifesto style creed for implementing robotics.

My commitment is to help bring about a better world enabled by robotic technology.  From experience using robotic systems, these principles have shown their value.

Redesigning processes and organizations over using the latest technology

Early fielding over continued analysis

Managing risk as a part of operations over engineering out risk

Changing the world and making money  over elegant design

Giving the end customer exactly what they want over maximizing autonomy

About Robert Morris
A robotics businessman working to make the economy more human.

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