Sequestering Agricultural Carbon in Deep Anoxic Zones

Low risk CO2 sequestration technology with a pathway to $10 / ton cost and geologic time scale

I have not found anyone on the internet even saying this is a bad idea, so it appears novel. Provided the unknows check off in the positive, SACDAZ appears poised to beat all other carbon sequestration methods in cost, scalability, duration of sequestration, and environmental side effects. I welcome constructive criticism and hope early publication of this idea will kickstart discussion in the many communities that will be required to drive industrial scale carbon sequestration.

I have opened comments on Sequestering Agricultural Carbon in Deep Anoxic Zones and welcome constructive comments.

If you would like to stay in touch on this subject, I’d love to keep you posted. My plan is to send out updates approximately monthly as progress permits. Please leave your contact info below.

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